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Property Inspections

Some properties are not occupied for long periods of time and there might be an undetected problem the last thing you want is to not know what exactly is going on. If you are not there, you could end up paying hundreds for something as simple as a burnt out light bulb that could be quickly sorted out if the property is visited on a regular basis.

We carryout fortnightly inspections of your property and have specific systems and processes in place to ensure that we thoroughly review the property from top to bottom.  After each inspection a report is sent to the owner via email.

If there is a problem, we will notify you immediately via email or telephone.

If you are interested in our inspection package or would like details on costs please complete the form below or give us a call on 950 105 806.

Open all windows and doors to fully air the property
Check door and window locks are working properly and have not been tampered with
Test air conditioning units
Flush toilets and run all taps
Check all lights are working and replace bulbs when necessary (4 free bulbs per year)
Check remote controls and replace batteries when necessary (4 free batteries per year)
Property checked for infestation and leaks
Gutter and drains checked for blockages